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Diane Kruger Spotted Carrying Chanel’s $3,800 Broke Art Student-Inspired Canvas Backpack

Diane Kruger Chanel Backpack Runway

Image: Imaxtree (left) / Getty (right)

Like everyone else on the Internet, we don't typically question Diane Kruger's style choices, but we're just not on board with her latest accessory pick. For the past two weekends in a row, the actress has been photographed carrying one of the notorious graffitied backpacks which first appeared on the runway at Chanel's Spring 2014 show.

The item first crossed our bullshit detector in January, when it was profiled in a back-of-the-book feature in Vogue. Two things we noticed:

  1. The backpack was inspired by broke art students, not a group we typically associate with the Chanel brand. From Vogue: "Picture a young art student spray-painting the blank canvas of a classic backpack and then personalizing it with loops of haphazardly woven ropes and heavy chains — just the kind of punk appropriation Karl Lagerfeld employed [in this instance.]" 
  2. And indeed, nothing is more "punk" than the $3,400 retail price. As in: "You just spent $3,400 on a stenciled piece of canvas, you've been PUNKED!"

And get this: the price tag on Kruger's backpack is even higher than what was originally reported — on Chanel's website, the item is listed for $3,800. But according to InStyle, it's still kind of worth it?  

"The price," writes Instyle's Andrea Cheng, "[is] hard to stomach or even justify. But in the flesh, the backpack boasts hand-painted graffiti, has the famous interlocking C’s haphazardly stamped across the front and sides, and is embellished with multicolored rope and carabiners that’s reminiscent of days from summer camp. There’s genius in this crazy creation." 

If you say so.