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Here’s a Photo of Stella McCartney Squeezing Rihanna’s Butt Like It’s Going Out of Style [Met Gala]

Reese Witherspoon,Cara Delevinge,Rihanna,Stella McCartney,Kate Bosworth


Last night, Reese Witherspoon, Cara Delevinge, Rihanna, and Kate Bosworth attended the Met Gala together with designer Stella McCartney (she also dressed them for the event). Whatever you think of their individual looks, together the five women were one of the most eye-catching groups on the red carpet. They kind of look like the Spice Girls reincarnate, don't they?

Anyway. I brought us all here together today because I figured that you'd love to see a photo of McCartney squeezing the mother-effing hell out of Rihanna's butt while the ladies were posed together for pictures. Here it is!

rihanna stella mccartney cara delevingne met gala

Image: Getty

Fascinating, eh? There's a reason they call the Met Gala "fashion's prom."

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