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Want to Wear Black-and-White Like a Badass? Take a Cue from Aussie Model Nicole Trunfio

Nicole Trunfio white dressAustralian model Nicole Trunfio would be intimidating  a Bavarian bar maid costume. But her wardrobe appears to be entirely devoid of ruffles, or of anything that could be interpreted as innocent. Perhaps even of color. (If we had to pick a costume for her we’d probably go with Michelle Pfeiffer’s Catwoman.)   

Black and white never goes out of style, but there's more to monochromatic dressing than just stripes. Let’s pick apart Nicole’s badass style:

1. Be brave with textures.

You can never go wrong with leather. Or vegan leather, if that’s your jam. And if you’re still feeling a little flat, you can always add another layer in something sheer or even crochet.

2. Don’t forget details.

Adding a “pop of color” is not always a good option. Adding black nail polish always is.

3. Show a little skin.

Or a lot of skin, if you’ve got the confidence of a willowy 5’10”. Crop tops are always a good option, and if the waistband of your pants are high enough you can literally just wear a bra. Otherwise look for clever cut-outs and slit necklines.

Nicole Trunfio crop top

4. Play with shapes.

Things with sharp shoulders, structured skirts, and sturdy fabrics prove it's possible to entirely change the shape of your body in less than five minutes. 

5. If in doubt, add a pair of laced thigh-high boots. 

Now there's something we never thought we'd say. 

Nicole Trunfio and katie cassidy

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