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The Horror of It All: Lara Stone on the Cover of 032c, Photographed by Sean & Seng

lara stone cover 032c


The German independent magazine 032c has just posted a preview of its #26th issue (now available). The cover of "Creative Leadership," as the edition is called, shows a close-up of Dutch model Lara Stone's face, her red mouth open wide in apparent fear, with a rough-looking (man's?) thumb caressing her cheek. The scene, photographed by Sean & Seng, is one of horror and menace. The cover is provocative and inventive, so fingers crossed it doesn't trigger one of those "does fashion glamorize violence against women?" debates

Also of interest: the magazine includes a dossier by the trend forecasting collective K-HOLE (best known for originating the normcore concept before it was popularized by NYMag).