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Karl Lagerfeld Presents the Chanel Version of LA Gear Lights

We can always count on Karl Lagerfeld to dream up wacky, sometimes borderline (or outrightly) offensive, accessories for his Chanel collections. We've been shaking our heads all day at the quilted gas can carryall Lagerfeld put out this season (so lame), but the Kaiser did win us over in the footwear department. Brightening up the Cruise 2015 runway today was a light-up sandal with a stacked heel and clear platform–a much more chic and pricey alternative to the L.A. Gear Lights we used to rock back in elementary school. They're basically every 90s baby's dream…and since most of us are broke thanks to the enormous debt the older generations left for us (thanks Baby Boomers, Gen X and Y-ers), in our dreams is exactly where they'll stay.

But they're still pretty to look at, no?