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Rihanna’s Rogue Fragrance Ads Restricted in the UK

Image: Rihanna Rogue

Image: Rihanna Rogue

By now, we're used to seeing Rihanna's partially-naked body, but not everyone is down with her free-spiritedness–especially when there are kids around. The U.K. Advertising Standards Authority has banned Riri's Rogue fragrance ad, calling it "provocative," "sexually suggestive" and therefore inappropriate for impressionable children to see.

The ASA put placement restrictions on the ad, so that it might not be seen by the wrong set of young eyes. The ad's appropriateness was called into question after a shopper complained about seeing it on an elevator door in a mall. The complaint deemed the image “overly sexual and demeaning to women."

Parlux Limited, the company who worked with Rih on the scent, argued that the ad isn't suggestive, as Rih is pictured in a "position of power" and nudity in fragrance ads is pretty much standard these days. The ASA seems to agree. While they admit that it is a little risque and should be restricted, they say the “overall impression of Rihanna created by the ad was one of confidence,” and that “the ad was unlikely to be demeaning to women or cause serious or widespread offence.”

It seems like no matter what Rihanna wears or rather, doesn't wear, we're gonna be talking.

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