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Terry Richardson’s Tattooed Arms Star Again in Valentino’s Fall 2014 Accessories Campaign

Of all the mysteries of human existence — like "what happens when you die?" and "are ghosts real?" — the fact that Terry Richardson, alleged molester of young girls and confirmed creeper, is still being hired by major brands and magazines to shoot their campaigns and spreads has to be the greatest mystery of them all. Apparently, no one over at Valentino raised an eyebrow about the latest allegations of Richardson-branded sexual abuse, because, whatever, they really like his aesthetic and his glasses and tattoos are so *quirky* and *alternative.*


Richardson was once again tapped to photograph and star in Valentino's Fall 2014 accessories campaign. The photographer's tattooed arms (complete with a scarf tied around his wrist) appear holding a butterfly-printed bag in one shot, in another, a printed pair of strappy platform round-toe pumps. 

Ugh. Who knows where those hands have been before touching that beautiful bag… I shudder to think!

[h/t: Fashion Gone Rogue]