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The 9 Most Epic Takedowns of Australia’s Hideous Commonwealth Games Uniforms


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Australian fashion has positioned itself as a market to be reckoned with in recent years. But all it takes to convince the world we actually suck at design is one horrendous Commonwealth Games Uniform. And here we have eight of them.

Granted, the uniforms were not expected to incorporate any of that youthful athleticism championed by the likes of Dion Lee Line II. They were designed by Australian Defence Apparel, a company with a background in designing combat gear for Australian defence troops. The sports direction is a new one for the ADA – and not one they will probably continue to move in considering the uniforms are bringing attention to Team Australia for all the wrong reasons.

It’s not just fashion finding fault with this intergalactic take on rest home normcore either. Everyone from designer Charlie Brown to Twitter to the Sydney Morning Herald has an opinion, and the best thing we can say is that at it’s reminding people that the Commonwealth Games still exist. Here are the most hilariously epic takedowns:

The jackets have a "Captain Kirk from Star Trek" look to them – Australian fashion designer Charlie Brown to the MailOnline

"This is why Olympians used to perform naked. Were these uniforms designed by a graduate of the Whitehouse Institute on a scholarship?" — Elle deputy editor Damien Woolnough to the Sydney Morning Herald

"…could well come in handy should our Glasgow-bound athletes need to defend themselves against heinous fashion crime allegations from other nations." — Daily Life fashion editor Georgia Safe

"Seriously, the Australian Commonwealth Games uniform will become a hipster's collectors item." — Racing Ahead host Shane Anderson

"The Australian Commonwealth Games Committee would like to thank Kath & Kim for their uniform design efforts." — Twitter user @WilkieScottJ

"The Worst Sporting Uniforms of All Time" — The New Daily

"New Australian Commonwealth Games uniform. I don't think they have enough logos." — Twitter user @Carolyn_Barry

"No, grandma didn't send the knitted Chirstmas jumper to the wrong address. And as far as we know, there are no Star Trek conventions planned for Scotland next month." — Sportal

"The Driza-Bone-trackie hybrid replacement looks more suited to an afternoon hike than presenting our elite athletes to the world." — The Australian

So long, state of Australia's fashion reputation. Maybe Christopher Esber can provide a fresher take on the knitwear trend next year?