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Australian Jewelry Designer Brooke Persich Brings Her Occult Aesthetic to NYC


image: Facebook

Over the years, I’ve sort of grown out of the Craft-meets-mall goth aesthetic that plagued me as a teen (and only have one bad tattoo to remind me of it). But something I’ll never get sick of is oversized gemstone rings, and Brooke Persich makes rebelliously sexy things you’re more likely to find in a high-end boutique in Brooklyn than the back section of Hot Topic.

The designer started her line two years ago in Perth, and has since become one of countless Australian creatives making the move to New York. But more because she wanted to rather than so she could hit up Fashion Week. Her line flies relatively under the radar, though she has a loyal fan base made up of stylish musicians and celebrities around the globe.

The decadence and occult vibes her line reeks heavily of are sure to draw comparisons to brands like ManiaMania. But rather than explore that aesthetic with a wandering eye, Persich seems to steadily explore third eyes, skulls and all kinds of semi-precious crystals. “The pieces will always be a reflection of the exquisite, the sacred, and the beautiful,” she says on her website. Her Instagram is unabashed ring-stacking porn at its most addictive, with a few hand chains thrown in for good measure. The quartz eye rings with crown-like “lashes” are particularly good.

With fashion currently lapping up minimalism, why not make a statement with your hands? Or at least spice up your Instagram feed.