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Will One of These Four Preteens Become the Next Tavi Gevinson?

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Over on The Daily Beast, one writer informs us that "the Internet is look [sic] for its next young fashion sensation…Now that fashion’s favorite wunderkind has finally graduated high school*, there is room for a new teen supreme to rule the scene."

Mhhmm. I wasn't aware that there was such a strict limited capacity on preteen fashion bloggers. Not to mention, the conditions which allowed Tavi and other now-famous bloggers to rise to prominence have changed: the fashion media has adapted to the new digital landscape (see: Lucky editor-in-chief Eva Chen's acclaimed social media skills) and subsumed rival upstarts into its own institutions and hierarchies (for example: one of Tavi's peers, BryanBoy, now blogs under the NowManifest network, which is owned by Fairchild Fashion Media, a division of Condé Nast). 

Still, apparently some are determined to manufacture a new Tavi. The Daily Beast goes on to list four contenders who might be the next big thing in pubescent fashion blogging:

  1. Ryker Wixom, 4 — "An Instafamous trendsetter."
  2. Tobias Otting, 9 — "For his blog, Otting teams with his mom to curate each post."
  3. Moziah Bridges, 12 — "The Memphis-based CEO has been designing and creating his own collection [of bowties]."
  4. Ophelia Horton, 14 — "At the age of 12, she began offering her original point of views, from fashion to feminism."

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* It's worth noting that the once grey-haired blogger hasn't been a 'fashion sensation' since 2011, when she announced that she was losing interest in the industry, and would be moving on to other creative pursuits.