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Cara Delevingne: Why Modeling Isn’t as Fabulous as You Might Think

Let’s be honest, we’ve all at some point wished we were Kate Moss, and then when Cara Delevingne stepped onto the scene, there became a new kind of model we wanted to be. She's the one who doesn’t take herself too seriously and shows us that, although she’s a model, it’s still OK to have fun and be caught dressed down in your skinny jeans and a beanie hat.

Cara’s a model with personality, which is something we’ve never really been able to say about the likes of Kate or Naomi Campbell, as we don’t have the same kind of intimacy with them due to their lack of a personal social media presence.  

Cara Delevingne Leaves Home

Image via Cara Delevingne Instagram 

Through Twitter and Instagram, Cara gives us an insight into her fun and glamorous life that many of us envy. So it comes as a bit of a shock that in a recent interview with Alexis Petridis for the Guardian, she admitted that if she had a daughter who aspired to become a model, she’d advise against it. Although she loves her job, she admits that she’s been very lucky regarding her success.

"I was incredibly lucky to do as well as I've done, it's not easy, there's so many models go through so much shit, and it's just, if you have a brain, which everyone does, use it and try and do something else," she explained.

Although it seems we’re sharing every moment of Cara’s fabulous life on social media, we’re obviously not seeing the full picture. Remember when she posted her cool new "Made In England" tattoo and we didn’t really think much about her reason for having it? Cara explained that, as a model, "you're looked through, you're not looked at, you are treated as a kind of mannequin." So, she decided to get a tattoo to express that.

Maybe it's a good thing that we’ve not all been blessed with supermodel looks, right?