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Is Pubic Cleavage Now a Red Carpet Trend, Thanks to Kendall Jenner?

Stars on the red carpet pelvic cleavage

Iggy Azalea at the 2013 MTV EMAs via (left) / Kendall Jenner and Kylie via Getty (right)

Kendall Jenner's recent appearance in a Fausto Puglisi double-slit gown has heralded the emergence of a disturbing new trend: pubic cleavage. Or rather, "pevage" — which the New York Daily News claims is the "increasingly accepted term" for the area. 

"Like it or love it, you may be revealing your own pevage soon," says the publication, claiming that the pelvic area has supplanted both actual cleavage and sideboob as the red carpet's new 'it' private part. Thanks, but my pevage already gets exactly the right amount of attention, even in this pevage-concealing regime. 

Speaking of: I appreciate a good portmanteau but "pevage" sounds like a disorder and "pelvic cleavage" is a misnomer. If the word "cleave" refers to a split, then "cleavage" is the hollow. You can't indiscriminately apply the term to any vaguely titillating expanse of skin. There has to be clefting, or it's not cleavage

[Fashion that goes to your hips: For celebs, the pelvis is the hot new body part — New York Daily News]