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David Gandy is Designing Underwear Now

Image: GTRES/

Image: GTRES/

If there's anything David Gandy knows how to sell it's…well, anything. Who wouldn't buy a product from someone with a face and body like that? But since he's a male model and all, he knows a thing or two about underwear and how to look good in it. Which is probably why he just signed on with British retailer Marks & Spencer to release a line of premium men's underwear, which he will also be modeling.

David Beckham famously traveled the road Gandy's treading, releasing a bodywear line for H&M, getting oiled up and nearly naked for the ads. Gandy expects to duplicate some of that success with his own range. “One in four guys wear M&S,” he told WWD.

Watch this space for more details as they trickle out. You can bet your patootie we'll be eagerly awaiting the campaign images for this one…