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Entrepreneur Barbie Is Now Offering Career Advice via Twitter

entrepreneur barbie

Image: Twitter/EntMagazine

entrepreneur barbie


To celebrate the launch of Entrepreneur Barbie, the plastic lady herself hop on to Twitter this afternoon to host a Pink Power Lunch to advise women on career and business matters.

(She will be joined there by her Chief Inspiration Officers — that is, actual entrepreneurs, like the founders of Rent the Runway. In the immortal words of Mattel, "It’s a chance to get inspired by women who are breaking glass (and plastic) ceilings!")

Who better than Barbie to go to for work advice? The pert-bosomed blonde has accomplished plenty in the five decades she's spent in the workforce: as a flight attendant in the 1960s, she earned a pilot's licence and went on to operate commercial airliners. Later on, Barbie completed medical school and became a doctor; she then served as an astronaut and ran for President. Barbie also did a brief stint as a NASCAR driver, but I digress.

Even in her new guise as a serious, work-minded entrepreneur, Barbie still loves her accessories. She carries a briefcase loaded with a tablet and a smartphone and wears a fitted pink dress because she's always "ready for the next big pitch," as the promotional copy puts it. She also wears a "glam necklace" and totes along a "cool clutch" because these are apparently "smart, professional details." 

Entrepreneur Barbie goes on sale today on Amazon ($12.99). Start-up concept and business plan not included.