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Cindy Crawford to Celebrate 50th Birthday with a Book

Image: SIPA/

Image: SIPA/

Who would believe that Cindy Crawford is turning 50 next year? The legendary supermodel is still looking flawless, thanks to her amazing genes and Meaningful Beauty skincare line. In addition to model and beauty boss, Crawford will be adding "published author" to her list of titles, with the announcement that she will be releasing her first book in fall 2015. 

The tome, to be published under Rizzoli, will be a coffee table-memoir-type hybrid of a book. Crawford says that it will be image-heavy and contain bits about her career and life. The book is set to be released just before her 50th birthday next year, a milestone age Crawford is trying to embrace: "It’s kind of a way to celebrate turning 50 as opposed to dreading it.”

No word on the title yet, but if the book is to include lots of pictures (vintage and recent) of Crawford, it'll most likely do great.

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