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See Alicia Keys’ Givenchy Dahlia Divin Fragrance Ad

Rounding out Givenchy's diverse list of campaign stars is Alicia Keys, who is the face for the brand's Dahlia Divin fragrance. Keys is personal friends with creative director Riccardo Tisci, through whom she says she learned of the opportunity. "As time passed, [this fragrance campaign] came to fruition," she explained to WWD. "I love what Givenchy is about. Givenchy is this timeless, chic, but very strong woman, but with an edgier, almost street feel. I love that she’s raw, but she’s powerful–and that’s who I believe I am, too.”

Image: Givenchy

Image: Givenchy

Keys' campaign for the fragrance, however, is more soft than edgy. The singer sits perched in a Tisci-designed embellished champagne-hued gown with her hair slicked back, head tilted furtively to the side. The image, with its wisps of what looks like gold wire, gives a bit of a storybook vibe, a la "I visited Rumplestiltskin's atelier and took this dress spun from gold."

The fragrance is due for release in time for fall, with Keys expected to make an appearance promoting the scent at Macy's Herald Square come September 2. If you're looking to scoop one up for yourself, prices range from $65 to $110 a bottle, with a Skin Dew option for $53.

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