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Patrick Robinson Ousted at Armani Exchange



It seems as if Patrick Robinson can't catch a break. The designer was famously fired from his position as head designer at The Gap in 2011 after the label began to experience slowing sales under his leadership. He kicked around for a while after that with Pashko, a crowd-funded fashion line he sold through Kickstarter. It seemed Robinson finally regained his footing in 2013 when he was named creative director at Armani Exchange, but according to Page Six, Robinson has just been let go from that gig, too.

While sources say that Robinson was fired over a dip in sales, others say it was a copyright infringement issue with David Yurman that did him in. The "Torc" bracelet, designed for Armani Exchange's men's collection, bore a striking similarity to Yurman's popular cable cuff bracelets. 

Yurman's people allegedly contacted Robinson with a cease-and-desist letter, but other sources say that it was mainly lackluster sales that got him booted, though "this issue was the smoking gun.” An official statement from Armani Exchange, says that bracelet-gate had no bearing on the decision to axe Robinson. "Patrick Robinson left the brand amicably several weeks ago. His departure and this alleged claim of the Yurman’s sending us a cease-and-desist letter are entirely unrelated.”