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Link Buzz: Canine Style Icons; Is Armpit Hair Really So Gross?

  • "We're taking styl
    Image: Getty

    Image: Getty

    e advice from a dog." [FabSugar]

  • A writer describes her descent into a months-long YouTube vlogger k-hole. [TheHairpin]

  • Your acne is a spirit medium. [BellaSugar]

  • A journalist sent her picture to Photoshoppers all around the world and asked them to make her look like a fashion model, to compare the differences in beauty standards worldwide. [ELLE]

  • Warby Parker argues that businesses need to do good on a social and philanthropic level in order to succeed financially. [BusinessOfFashion]

  • Here's a Verizon ad that deftly portrays why we should stop telling young girls they're pretty all the time. [Cosmopolitan]

  • Is women's armpit hair really so gross? [TheCut]