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Jean Touitou Talks Working With Kanye on Second A.P.C. Collaboration, Why He Won’t be Doing Another One for a While

All good things must come to an end, and that includes Kanye West's collaboration with A.P.C. Last year, when the rapper unveiled his collection for the trendy French label, the range's pricey basic tees and denim sold out in a flash–despite the marked lack of any actual design in the collection. But the collection was so successful, A.P.C. creative director Jean Touitou tapped West for a second go-round which, thanks to Yeezy's latest partnership with Adidas, is likely to be the last.

This latest offering from A.P.C. and Kanye is a little more fleshed out than the previous one. While you'll still find basic T-shirts and sensible denim, this military-inspired line also brings fur-lined parkas and shearling-laden bomber jackets, as well as a couple comfy-looking sweaters and sweatshirts. Being that Kanye slightly upped the design factor for this effort, getting the collection produced and completed posed a bit of a problem. "What happened at the end is exactly what he does to his own records, so I didn’t take it personally—like when it’s something he makes, and ten days before it drops, and then he wants to start from scratch," Touitou told "In music things are so possible, especially with today’s technology, good engineer, good computer, you could stretch time, but in fashion there are so many people involved, from weaving, knitting, choosing the yarn, choosing the color, making the pattern, making the first samples. It’s so much more material, but again, I don’t feel badly about him pushing the limits. So that was the difficulty. But apart from that, it was perfectly easy."

But though Touitou sings Yeezy's praises as a model collaborator and has teamed up with several brands himself (Nike, Carhartt and Supreme, for example), this might be the last partnership A.P.C. sees in a while. "I'm tired of collaborating," Touitou says, "And there's not so many people that I want to do anything with." Besides, he'll be far too busy helping Vanessa Seward launch her own line to focus on any other partnerships. " I don’t look for collaborations, I just wait until it knocks at my door. I’m not pushing it all, doing something as humongous as creating a brand. Days are only twenty-four hours. And also we opened new stores. We’re not a huge corporation, we’re a small independent company."