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Renee Somerfield Poses for International PETA Campaign

Sydney-born model Renee Somerfield has joined forces with PETA in a new advertising campaign that claims animal agriculture is a leading cause of climate change and contributes to resource depletion, world hunger and pollution. The shoot took place in Sydney last week and saw Renee turn into a human globe, painted from neck-to-toe in the Earth's countries and oceans by artist Jade Little.

The nude model holds signs up for the shoot saying, "Save The Earth: Go Vegan," which is fitting for the international campaign dubbed #GoVegan. As a Maxim cover girl, Renee could seem like an unusual pick for the campaign, but this Australian beauty is an animal rights advocate and devoted vegan.

She's raised money for the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society, fronted LUSH's Divine Whale campaign and utilises her social media presence to create awareness. On the day of the shoot, she posted a behind-the-scenes photo across her Instagram boasting more than 674,000 followers.

"Farming animals for human consumption contributes to over 50% of global greenhouse gas & is one of the biggest contributors to pollution & climate change today," she wrote. "Just by cutting out meat, you are responsible for 1.5 fewer tonnes of carbon dioxide every year… Pretty awesome. Going vegan is the single most effective thing you can do to save the planet."