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What Does Your Nail Shape Say About Your Personality? A Lot, According to a New Trend

image showing different nail types/styles

Image: RocketNews24

Now that the manicure art craze seems to be dying down, people have to find something else about their nails to obsess over. In Asia, a new trend says that you can learn all about people's personalities, just by looking at the shape of their nails. originally published a post outlining what each nail shape means about your personality in Chinese, and RocketNews24 got an English translation to create the infographic you see above. So, here's the rundown.

  • If you've got long nail beds, you're "a mild-tempered romanticist."
  • If your nails are broad sideways, you're a "short-tempered theorist."
  • Rounded or egg-shaped, you're a "laid-back pacifist."
  • Squarish, you're "serious and hard-headed" and "most likely a man."
  • Triangular, you're a "sensitive genius."
  • Almond-shaped, you're "faithful and honest."
  • Sword-shaped, you're an "ambitious idealist."

Whether the chart is actually accurate is another story. It asserts that if you have squarish nails you're "most likely a man" who "doesn't like to give up and has guts." Makes sense, since you know, women don't have squarish nails and are shrinking violets who give up easily, right?

At any rate, at the very least it's a fun way to pass the time and possibly a fun tool to use when scouting potential dates. Oh and remember, beware of square nails on a girl because she's "most likely" a "hard-headed" man, according to this system.