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Would You Pay $1,060 for Cashmere Post-Workout Leggings?

Just yesterday, Net-a-Porter launched its athletic wear site, Net-a-Sporter, providing luxury sweats and spandex for the fit customer of discriminating taste. After all, you’ve got to work out if you plan on squeezing into any designer clothes at all, since most labels barely go past a size 12. But we hope you’re coming with the coins if you’re looking for gym gear from Net-a-Sporter, because woo boy, them windbreakers are expensive!

Image: Net-a-Sporter

Image: Net-a-Sporter

But one of the priciest items on the site has us scratching our heads. Included in the e-tailer’s ‘Après Sport’ category is a comfy-looking pair of grey cashmere leggings from The Elder Statesman. And how much might such a fine pair of pantaloons cost a potential buyer? Oh, about a month’s rent–prepere to shill out $1,060 for the ribbed pants if you dare.

But for real, who wouldn’t want to spend over a thousand dollars on something that can soak up your gross post-gym butt sweat? It’s not like you could spend that money on, oh, I don’t know, some kind of fancy Apple computer.

Oh, wait….