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A Sporty Isabelle Cornish Promotes Adidas in August Issue of Women’s Fitness

We’re well aware of just how health-conscious Isabelle Cornish is, so it makes perfect sense that Women’s Fitness chose the Puberty Blues star for its August cover. In a shot that looks like she’s mid-workout with hair and makeup that could have involved fake-sweat spray, Isabelle sports a gray sports bra underneath a white mesh hoodie, yellow bike shorts and high-tech headphones around her neck.

The brand of choice for the cover was Adidas, with the love for the athletic brand continuing inside the mag. It’s not surprising given that 19-year-old Isabelle is a celebrity ambassador for the popular label. “Make sure to grab a copy of the new Womens fitness magazine out this week! I’ll be featuring on the cover and wearing some awesome @adidasau sports wear in the fashion shoot inside,” the actress wrote on her Instagram.

With Isabelle’s more than 145,000 Instagram followers, plus the mag’s 34,000 followers and its expected readership total of 167,000, we’re thinking Adidas is pretty stoked right now. If you want to watch the behind-the-scenes action of the Adidas party or hear Isabelle talk about her focus on doing more yoga this year, click here.