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Jeans for Genes Celebrates 21 Years With a Fashion Blogger Countdown


Jeans for Genes Day 2014

IMAGES: Harper & Harley, Spin Dizzy Fall, Oracle Fox

On August 1, Jeans for Genes is turning 21 and celebrating over two decades of raising much-needed funds for research into childhood diseases. To get the party started before the official date rolls around, the organisation is looking to a mixture of top Australian bloggers, responsible for blogs like Harper & Harley, Oracle Fox and K is for Kani, to garner support for Jeans for Genes Day 2014.

Since one in 20 children is born with a birth defect or genetic disease, Jeans for Genes, along with the Children’s Medical Research Institute, aims to improve the lives of children everywhere. Enter the first Friday of August every year, dubbed Jeans for Genes Day.

The official 21-day countdown has already begun, with Chloe Hill, fashion market editor of InStyle Australia and founder of fashion blog By Chill,  taking part in the 21 Days of Denim challenge by posting a white and denim outfit to her blog. Each day we will see a new blogger follow Chloe’s lead and show their support for the #21daysofJ4G campaign, and you can keep track of each and every stylish denim outfit as it happens here.

We’re hoping for someone to tackle double-denim, rock some drop-crotch boyfriend jeans and take denim from casual to sophisticated with wet-look jeans and a chambray top. With 20 days still to go, we’re thinking we’ll see a whole lot more than just that.

The good news is, even if we’re not a top-notch fashion blogger, we can still get on board with the countdown by sharing the #21daysofJ4G love on Instagram. It is the season for denim after all, so why not get some happy snaps of you and your friends in any remotely denim getup and support a great cause?