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Cara Delevingne and Binx Walton Star in ‘Totally Random’ Boxing-Themed Chanel Fall 2014 Campaign (Forum Buzz)

Chanel‘s Fall 2014 supermarket-themed show went over well with audiences and on social media. Who could forget the week our Instagram feeds were littered with those images of Rihanna, Cara Delevingne and Joan Smalls playing in a shopping cart from a million different angles? We thought we’d see something similar for the campaign, but it looks like Karl Lagerfeld decided to go in a different direction, taking models Binx Walton and Cara Delevingne to the boxing ring instead. Wait, what?


To say our forum members were disappointed with the change in theme would be an understatement.

“The boxing club is totally random,” LylaScans wrote. “Next will be Prada in a rock-climbing venue and Givenchy in a Pret-a-Manger toilet.”

“After such a fun concept of a show we get this garbage as a campaign?? Using a shot of the models shopping in the supermarket during the show would have been 100x better than this,” commented shanhug.

Several others simply don’t think Cara and Binx fit the bill for the ‘Chanel girl’: “Karl needs to get Freja back and deliver that magic he used to deliver with her during her Chanel campaigns reign,” TeeVanity offered. “I am absolutely disappointed with this. We got a Chanel supermarket theme for the collection showing and this is what the campaign looks like? I am annoyed they fade Baptiste and Jarrod in the background, might as well hire extras!”

“This looks like a ‘Lindsey Lohan for Ungaro’ campaign,” Vitamine W put it simply.

Though the reaction was overwhelmingly negative, there were still a few people who liked the images. AlonsoJonathan seemed a little more optimistic about the campaign: “Nice ad. Cara looks good, I wanna see more of this! Looks very simple, yet elegant I like it so far!”

The first pic is nice. Cara makes things look cool and covetable,” JeanAvril wrote.

But the positive feedback pretty much stops there. Guess you can’t win ’em all…

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