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Cameron Diaz May Have Hooked Up with a Girl, but It Wasn’t Drew Barrymore

Image: Apega/

Image: Apega/

Cameron Diaz‘s Harper’s Bazaar cover has garnered a bit of buzz, as the magazine opted not to use Terry Richardson, its sleazy, go-to photog, to lens the cover (has all of Terry’s bad press finally changed the editors’ minds?). But there are some juicy tidbits in the accompanying article, where Cameron sort of comes out about her sexual past.

The actress told Glamour UK a few months ago, “I think that all women have been sexually attracted to another woman at some point.” She elaborated, “It’s natural to have a connectivity and an appreciation for the beauty of other women.” Of course, this sent off a frenzy that had folks wondering: Does this mean that Cameron has hooked up with a girl before? And if so, who was the lucky lady? A few have speculated that Cameron may have hit the sheets with known BFF, Drew Barrymore, but Cameron clears the air on that rumor in her August interview for Harper’s Bazaar.

“Some media outlet called for a comment and they wanted to know whether I was with Drew. Literally, I said, ‘That makes me want to vomit in my mouth.’ That’s like saying I’m having sex with my sister. Are you crazy? I wouldn’t even ménage with her!”

A ménage you say, Cameron? Does that mean Ms. Diaz has romanced a lady at some point in her life? The actress wouldn’t give a definite confirmation, but it’s safe to say that it’s very possible.

“I’m not going to tell people what I’ve done, but I’m also not going to say, ‘No! I would never!’ If I said that, I’d be shaming myself and shaming other people’s choices,” she said. “I don’t want to add any stigma to someone’s choice.”

Whether Cameron’s kissed a girl and liked it or not, at the very least, she’ll have the idle Internet still speculating.