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Meet the First Man to Win the Most Votes in Schwarzkopf’s Most Beautiful Hair Competition

Phil Schwarzkoph Australia's Most Beautiful Hair

Image: Facebook

This week, Schwarzkopf announced the winner of its annual Australia’s Most Beautiful Hair Competition, and one contestant in particular caught our eye. Although he didn’t take out the major title, Phil Novakovic is the first man ever to get the most votes in the entire competition and somehow even win the competition’s curly hair category.

The mix of goofy photos showcasing Phil’s curly-borderline-dreaded locks garnered an impressive 7,070 votes by the time voting closed, taking out every other young and beautiful woman donning beautiful waves. But when it came to announcement time on Wednesday, the short hair category winner Subha N.A was crowned Australia’s Most Beautiful Hair, with just over 200 votes to her name.

The curly-haired hopeful had over six thousand more votes than Subha, and took to the haircare brand’s Facebook page to express his pain. “And just like that a boy’s dreams are shattered,” he wrote. “Thanks for the opportunity Schwarzkopf it sure has been one hell of roller-coaster ride.”

And even though the brand has a great reputation and the competition is so well-known, Schwarzkopf gave Phil a virtual pat on the back by announcing the man’s efforts publicly to over one million of its Facebook fans. “And finally a BIG congratulations to Phil! The Australia’s Most Beautiful Man with curly hair — them curls definitely get the girls. What a total spunk,” Schwarzkopf wrote.

Thankfully, for all his supporters and the Schwarzkopf judging panel who seems to have overlooked Phil’s luscious curls this time around, this is not the last we’ll see of the dreadlocked clown. “I’ll definitely be back next year to hopefully take on a new category challenge kopf on.” Look out potential 2015 competitors, we think it could be Phil’s year.