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Gigi Hadid Gets Sexiled by Ireland Baldwin and Simon Nessman in Sisley Fall 2014 Ad Campaign

Image: Sisely

Sisley‘s known for its risqué, sometimes downright inappropriate ads, but this latest set the brand’s churned out for Fall 2014 could possibly be one of the label’s most bizarre. Creative Director Pier Davoli tapped Gigi Hadid, Ireland Baldwin and Simon Nessman to depict a love triangle between two girlfriends on a road trip and one hot, shirtless cowboy. 

The images start with a fully-clothed Ireland and Gigi resting on a bale of hay, barely noticing the pitchfork-wielding Simon lurking mere inches away. Things get weirder after that. The next photo shows Ireland violently making out with the cowboy (both with fewer clothes on), leaving poor, fully-dressed Gigi to languish (glamorously) as the two play tonsil tennis. Things don’t get much better for Gigi — in the remaining photos she stands awkwardly to the side, flipping her blond mane and brooding as the pair continues to kiss.


First of all, what is even going on here? The love triangle angle was great until it got weird. Why is Gigi just standing there the whole time? Given the backstory, her posing seems extremely unnatural. If this were a true love triangle, wouldn’t Gigi be keen on defending her girl? We would have loved to see her putting Vaseline on her face in these ads, getting ready to fight for her true love. We don’t even get as much as a shady side-eye from her in these images. Strange, considering something mildly scandalous is going on right next to her.


But hey, maybe non-reaction is the new reaction? You be the judge. Peep some photos from the campaign below and let us know what you make of this so-called love triangle.



Images: Sisley

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