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Christian Louboutin Would Like to Sell You $50 Nail Polish Now

Just when you thought nail art was on its way out, Christian Louboutin hops on the trend by introducing a new lacquer range, part of which is due to hit shelves at the Saks Fifth Avenue Manhattan flagship store and Louboutin boutiques today. The designer is launching Rouge Louboutin — a red polish in the fiery hue of his signature soles — ahead of the 30 other colors in the collection. The new shade will be celebrated with two U.S. launches, this one and another come August 6, when you’ll be able to find Rouge Louboutin at select Sephoras, Nordstroms, Bergdorf Goodmans and the rest of Neiman Marcus’ stores.  

But before you rush to your nearest Louboutin boutique to pick up the polish, make sure your wallet’s got the necessary reinforcements. A single bottle will set you back a whopping $50 — that’s over $20 dollars more than a bottle of Chanel Le Vernis ($27), and Chanel’s already considered one of the more expensive nail polish brands. What’s in Louboutin’s bottles that makes his concoctions worth $50? Diamond dust? The secret to eternal youth?

Christian Louboutin Beauté lacquers claim to be the most pigmented on the market, plus the actual bottles take 22 weeks to make. Who knew a little bit of faceted glass and a long, spiky wand could be such a production? Plus, if you add on the price of the $55 dollar care kit Louboutin will be releasing to go with the line, you’re looking at a $105 dollar manicure — before actually paying the woman to groom and paint your nails. 

What’s French for “exorbitant?”

Louboutin will also be rolling out his nail polish in Europe, Asia and the Middle East through August and September.

Any ballers out there ready to pick up this pricey enamel?

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