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Would You Wear Parks Canada Branded Clothing?

In a bid to raise some much-needed moolah for the country’s cash-strapped national parks, Parks Canada has launched a premium line of clothing designed by former Toronto fashion designer of the year, Roger Edwards, who has created clothing for the NHL, CFL and Team Canada. After the fan-mania that ensued when Hudson’s Bay released its Canadian Olympic Team clothing, I imagine the new Parks Canada clothing line will receive an equally warm reception.

Parks Canada Original

Marketed under the slogan “This Land is your Brand,” the Parks Original line includes hoodies, T-shirts and hats sporting the Parks Canada beaver logo from the 70s, all of which will be made in Toronto with ethically-sourced cotton and exclusively sold at Hudson’s Bay.

Much like the Team Canada kit, this new collaboration is undoubtedly trying to target the nation’s patriotism, but also markets itself toward everyone’s love of vintage kitsch. The old-time logos, including the current crossed paddles logo of Parks Canada and a moose with antlers, aren’t unlike the kind of thing you’ll find on sale at the Drake General Store. So naturally, I’m sold.

An additional selling point is the fact that, as previously reported by the Toronto Star, Parks Canada is facing a $2.8 billion backlog of maintenance and repair work. It goes without saying that this new venture will help — albeit in a small way — thus tuning into our charitable conscience. I mean, who doesn’t love the feel-good factor?

Beginning this week, the items will be offered online from, at a store in Banff, Alberta, as well as at airport locations in Toronto and Vancouver. I’m surprised it won’t be available at the flagship Toronto location, but scarcity generally stokes demand, which will probably mean these pieces will start popping up on eBay for three times the price. Dang, there I go giving you ideas.