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WATCH: Pharrell Williams and Miley Cyrus in ‘Come Get It Bae’

Image: Columbia Records

Image: Columbia Records

It seems that besides funny hats, there is nothing Pharrell WIlliams enjoys more than watching attractive, multiethnic women dance for him. His last music video, “Marilyn Monroe” off his album G I R L, featured an array of hotties shaking their tail feathers. When you’ve got a good thing, you gotta run with it and so, Pharrell once again clings to the theme of beautiful dancing women for his latest music video for “Come Get it Bae,” featuring aspiring King of Diamonds dancer Miley Cyrus.

This time, Pharrell is seen recording the twirling girls on an old-timey camera, presumably a very important part of the mock auditions he’s depicting in the video. It would be creepy if it was anyone else. Of course, there’s just a little twerking action in the vid, but thankfully, it does not come from Ms. Cyrus, who’s already exhausted our tolerance on that tip. The “Wrecking Ball” singer offers her vocals, dance moves and, of course, ever-wagging tongue to the production, bopping alongside Pharrell through the entire video.

Love or hate these two chart-toppers, the song’s pretty catchy and the video is the perfect distraction on a Wednesday afternoon. Check it out below!

[h/t ONTD]