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Stella McCartney to Design Team GB Kit Again for 2016 Olympics

After a truly successful debut stint designing the GB kit for the London 2012 Olympics, Stella McCartney, who has collaborated with Adidas since 2001, has been asked once more to design the kit for her home country for the 2016 games in Rio.

The news was just broken by the Mirror, giving the designer a nice head start on her vision. Seeing as the last kit took two years of development, she had better crack on with it to come up with something new.

The blue and white union jack graphic concept that the designer came up with for 2012 was so refreshing and exciting. When you think about the fact that she had to design 590 different items for 900 different athletes competing in 46 sports, it doesn’t sound like a fun job. However, all her years working with Adidas have made her a pro at this, so regardless of how many medals Team GB wins, at least we know they will look good.

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Team GB 2012 kit designed by Stella McCartney