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Six Hipster Headpiece Alternatives That Won’t Cause Offence

We’ve discussed cultural appropriation here before, in great detail in fact, after H&M made the glaring error of stocking Native American headdresses. It’s a subject we keep circling, whether we’re discussing headdresses, bindis or even language, but now one Canadian music festival is putting an end to it all by banning the wearing of feathered headdresses at its event.

British Columbia’s Bass Coast Festival, which takes place on aboriginal ground no less, has issued a request that all festival-goers please leave their hipster war bonnets at home. You’ve probably already come across the news that’s reverberated across global media, where the majority of commentators have been applauding the festival’s stance. I’m in the same bracket, which is why in honour of Bass Coast’s landmark decision, I’m including some examples of hipster headpieces you can wear without causing offence, courtesy of made-in-Canada brand Headmistress.

Headmistress was founded by Toronto-based designer Jillian Wood, who prides herself on creating innovative accessories, ranging from flower clips and hippie bands to fur pieces made from upcycled vintage coats. Every piece is handmade and, more importantly, won’t cause offence as you shimmy and shake your way through summer. Let’s keep it PC people…


Clockwise from top left: Pink floral crown, $24; Red, white and blue floral crown, $24; Gray headband made with lightweight mesh, $17; Fiesta bouquet headband, $20; Peach and aqua feather clip, $15; Coral flower and feather headband, $19