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That Time When Edie Campbell Drunkenly Agreed to Model Naked for Marc Jacobs

We all do some silly things after we’ve had a few drinks, but it’s pretty certain that few involve agreeing to model at Paris Fashion Week wearing nothing but a bejewelled thong and a splash of body paint graffiti — that is unless you’re Edie Campbell.

The doll-faced British beauty admitted in an interview with the Telegraph that she was, in fact, a bit drunk when Marc Jacobs approached her to open his final show for Louis Vuitton in 2013. “I’d had quite a few mojitos by that point so I was just agreeing to anything,” she says. “They said, ‘Perfect! Come to the studio tomorrow so we can fit your jewelled thong.'”

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Image: Getty

Of course, being Marc Jacobs, nothing is as simple as it sounds and Edie remarked on how she actually had to stand for seven hours while her body was painted with the LV monogram. “I was exhausted — I’d had about six hours’ sleep in three days — and I couldn’t sit down while I was being painted,” she says. “The guy painting the type just completely lost the plot and kept spelling words wrong, so would have to rub it out and start again. By the end I was being held up by two assistants. It was incredibly stressful.”

Stressful it may have been, but it was certainly memorable and a far cry from her pared back look that she channels in other campaigns, such as Burberry and her recently revealed Fall 2014 images for Lanvin with the rest of her family and boyfriend Otis Ferry.

Her favourite outfit has to be her riding gear, though, and Ms. Campbell will be donning her riding boots and crop again this week to race at the Glorious Goodwood Ladies Charity Race. Seeing as she won the Magnolia Cup last year, let’s hope she stays away from the mojitos and holds on to her title.