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Robyn Lawley Posts Naked Instagram Photo to Protest Coal Mining

Well, that’s one way to get our attention. No one expects to see an almost full-frontal shot on their phone when doing their standard social media check-up. But Robyn Lawley has posted one very confronting, nude image with “stop coal mining” written across her stomach in what looks like red lipstick.

Her interesting form of protest is in response to news that Tony Abbott’s Coalition Government has approved what will be the biggest coal mine in Australia. “Coal is soon going to be a dead commodity only bought buy irresponsible countries who do not care about climate change and the damage on the world,” Robyn wrote.

The Aussie model, who recently sparked controversy over what’s considered plus-size in the fashion industry, went on to explain her unclothed shot. “I’m shocked and feel powerless so I decided to get people to read this one way or another, we have to stop them…..before its too late.”

While Robyn does cover up her lady parts with strategic cropping and blacking out in the image, it’s still a very brave act. This Aussie model is never a stranger to making headlines, generating waves only last week with an unretouched, makeup-free Instagram image wearing just a bikini.