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Karlie Kloss’ Last Photoshoot Will Turn Your Stone Cold Heart to Mush

The world didn’t need yet another reason to love Karlie Kloss. She’s a gorgeous girl with a great attitude and she makes kookies– delicious cookies that help give healthy meals to the needy–she’s basically perfect. But Karlie’s penchant for charitable causes goes beyond yummy confections. The Victoria’s Secret model teamed with the Make-A-Wish Foundation to make a young cancer patient’s dreams of posing with a high fashion model come true. 

Kloss recently wrapped up the sponsored shoot, which granted Karissa a chance to serve face alongside one of her favorite models. Kloss documented parts of the day on Instagram, posting a behind-the-scenes shot of a beaming Karissa and herself during some downtime at the shoot. “I am incredibly inspired by the strength and beauty of this gorgeous young woman,” the model captioned the sweet Instagram photo. 

Karissa’s mother also documented the day on her Instagram feed, and judging from her pictures, the day was pretty awesome for the Make-A-Wish winner. They were treated to a limo ride, a sweet manicure courtesy of Deborah Lippmann, a meal with Karlie and of course–a little time in front of the camera. Karlie posted two images from the shoot to her Instagram and they’re gorgeous, naturally. Karissa serves up Mary J. Blige realness with a crop of blonde locks, positively beaming. We know Karlie’s a professional model and all, but our eyes were definitely on Karissa, who comes alive in the shots. 

If your heart isn’t already melting, then you didn’t have one in the first place. Check out a few snaps from Karissa’s big day below.