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Gareth Pugh Is Coming to NYFW with an Epic Runway Show

Image: Imaxtree

Image: Imaxtree

New York Fashion Week could do with a little spark and Gareth Pugh is ready to serve up a generous dose. The New York Times revealed today that Pugh is on his way to New York, scheduled to show his Spring 2015 collection during Fashion Week this September. The designer has showed his collections in Paris for the past six years, but he’s leaving the city of lights to bring some much-needed action to the New York scene–and his show promises to be a doozy.

Let’s be real, NYFW has become less about artistry and more about showcasing sellable collections…and (regrettably) spotting celebrities. The business aspect of fashion is certainly important, and though we’ve seen some beautiful and best-selling collections out of NYFW, the shows themselves have mostly been a little straightforward–some might use the word dull. But Gareth Pugh promises to change all that with his multimedia-infused spectacle, complete with live dancers. 

“I know this is a business, and we need to sell clothes, but it is also about image and inspiration, and sometimes a live show can miss the mark a bit,” Pugh told the Times. “The lights go up, the model walks out, and you lose control of it. It’s really important to not only communicate, ‘This is a nice dress or this is a cool trouser,’ but to sell the dream.” 

Pugh is teaming with Lexus, who will help pay for the show, which according to Pugh costs “a hell of a lot more than our usual show would cost.” Thank goodness for corporate involvement. This will be Pugh’s first time showing in NYC, though don’t expect it to be a regular thing–the designer is expected to be back in Paris come 2015 to show his fall offerings. Also, because New York Fashion Week is so early, only part of the collection will make the catwalk.

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