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Why Is Anna Dello Russo Wearing This Native American Headdress?

One step forward, two steps back seems to be the trending theme in fashion these days. Just when a Canadian music festival made headlines for officially banning Native American headdresses from its event, one esteemed member of the fashion set is reclaiming her right to wear offensive sh*t. Vogue Japan editor Anna Dello Russo recently posted a series, yes, a series, of five photos to Instagram of her twirling and posing in a Native American headdress because of…wait for it…some party at the end of an airport runway in Ibiza. We guess that’s as good a reason as any?

From what we’ve gleaned, Anna attended a party at Ibiza’s DC10 club, which boasts on its Facebook page that it’s “one of the best known clubbing destinations on the planet, principally due to the hedonistic and no holds barred afterhour sessions of Monday daytime party Circo Loco.” What’s worse is that the editor refers to the piece as her Ibiza hat, which one can only conclude means that she thinks the piece is just a cute accessory to wear to listen to music outdoors.

For those whose minds still cannot grasp why Native American people might find this offensive, I challenge you to get a clue. This sort of thing is exactly why people get so outraged every single time this happens. In Anna’s eyes, and in the eyes of so many thoughtless individuals, this piece, which has a sacred meaning for many Native American tribes, is just a cool accessory. It has been downgraded from a source of pride and reverence to something to sit atop some clueless person’s head as they pose, dance and get wasted outdoors.

Things have meaning, whether we care to acknowledge it or not. Anna wouldn’t traipse around in a swastika T-shirt because she thinks it’s a cool shape. You simply can’t divorce the symbol from its historical and cultural meaning. So, why is the headdress any different?

Oh, and we’re going to pass on chalking this up to cultural differences. Anna is a cosmopolitan woman working in fashion. Surely she has been privy to previous outrages (hi, Pharrell Williams) over this sort of thing. She knows better, and it’s time for her to do better.

[h/t Fashion Times]