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Is Rihanna Starting a Clothing Line?



Rihanna‘s more than just a beautiful pop star and fashion icon — she’s also a smart business woman, or at least that’s the impression we get from this news. According to Swagger New York, the singer has just made a power move, taking out trademarks on her last name, Fenty, which judging from the documentation, looks as if she’s planning on starting an apparel and beauty line. 

A closer read reveals what Riri plans on selling; nail polish, tattoo transfers (we’d totally pay for a temporary version of the Isis she’s got inked on her torso), skincare products, shorts, hats, shirts and even swimwear. The trademarks were filed in June, so perhaps Riri has already begun working on her offering.

Of course, this wouldn’t be the singer’s first foray into design. Her River Island collaboration stretched out over a few seasons and seems to have been a success for the British brand — that is, in spite of the tepid reviews her Spring 2013 collection got when she showed during London Fashion Week. 

There’s no denying that when Ms. Fenty puts her name on something, it’s bound to be a moneymaker, and we wager her forthcoming line will be no exception. We can’t help but hope, however, that Rihanna puts a little more thought into her offerings for her namesake (i.e. maybe fewer midriffs and bralettes). Riri’s style is the envy of many girls, but few can pull off wearing boxer shorts as pants or a mesh T-shirt with nothing underneath. Maybe for this go-round, Rihanna should take into consideration that not everyone buying her clothes has the body of a goddess. 

[h/t Swagger New York]