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Lady Gaga’s New Fragrance Likely Will Not Contain Blood, Semen

Because she can’t have just one of anything, Lady Gaga is unleashing a new fragrance on the world. The “Artpop” singer posted a photo to her Instagram yesterday afternoon of what appears to be a teaser image from the campaign for her fragrance, Eau de Gaga, which the singer indicated is coming soon. 

The ad, shot by Steven Klein, depicts Gaga lying atop a harem of muscly men, quite the opposite, if you remember, of what was happening in her Fame fragrance campaign, which featured a fleet of tiny men scaling her body. 

It goes without saying that Gaga is kind of a weirdo, and her eccentricities pretty much spread to everything she touches. Her last fragrance was rumored to have notes of blood and semen, so we couldn’t help but wonder what weird ingredients are in this new scent? Placenta? Toenail clippings? The tears of newborn babes? According to Gaga, none. She spent yesterday afternoon on Twitter answering questions from fans about her latest venture, during which she said that the scent will include notes of leather, sparkling water and lime. Does sparkling water even have a smell? 

The singer also revealed that the fragrance is unisex, so all her little monsters are free to smell like Gaga, no matter their gender. 

No word yet on Eau de Gaga’s release date, but we’re guessing it will be on shelves just in time for the holiday season. Stay tuned!

[h/t MTV]