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Diamond Falls from Space, London Jeweler Says Finders Keepers

Image: Getty images

Image: Getty images

One lucky person in England’s Lincolnshire is about to be richer — £12,000 (about $20,000) richer. Folks are flocking to the parish on the hunt for a diamond which fell from the edge of space after having been launched up in a balloon. The precious jewel made it 100,000 feet before the vessel popped and sent the diamond hurtling back to earth to land somewhere in Lincolnshire.

77 Diamonds, the London jeweler that sent the bling into space, is urging people to search for the diamond. The best kicker? The lucky soul that finds it gets to keep it. 

The jewel is said to be within a five-mile radius of Lea, a town in the west of Lincolnshire. 77 Diamonds is busy on its Twitter feed promoting the hunt by dubbing it #diamondinthesky. The campaign has definitely boosted the brand’s Twitter followers — earlier today, 77 Diamonds announced followers were clocked at 7,777 and now it’s at 8,000 and counting. 

But why did they send the diamond up in that balloon in the first place? 77 Diamonds just launched an online game (app?) in which players can add “stars” to the virtual universe the jeweler’s set up. The purpose of this e-universe or naming a “star” for that matter is still unclear, but this treasure hunt idea is a great way to get people to promote something they otherwise might not have cared about. 

So, if you’re in the Lea, Lincolnshire area and are looking for a great piece to bring to the pawn shop guy…you might want to get out a map and purchase a few good treasure hunting tools.

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