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8 Poses That Prove Cara Delevingne Would Make a Perfect Bond Girl

Image: Getty Images

Image: Getty Images

Cara Delevingne has steadily been scooping up acting gigs. She stars in a British made-for-TV drama, Timeless, snagged a part in the forthcoming Pan movie and now, she’s poised to get her biggest role yet. Rumor has it that the 21-year-old model is in talks to star opposite Daniel Craig as a Bond Girl for the upcoming film, Bond 24ELLE UK reports that Cara is in talks with producers to see if she can get herself a big role in the film.

So far, Cara’s acting gigs have been hit or miss, but we think she would be great as a Bond Girl. She’s certainly got the look, and we’d love to see her play a badass babe who knows her way around some artillery. It’s a role we think she’s been preparing for her whole life — or at least throughout her modeling career. There’s no denying that Ms. Cara D knows how to pose and if there’s one thing Bond Girls are known to do well, it’s looking good doing…just about anything. Below, eight poses that prove Cara was born to play a Bond Girl.

Images: Getty Images