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Paul Zahra Quits Role as Chief Executive of David Jones

David Jones Paul Zahra Jessica Gomes

Photo: Don Arnold/ WireImage

He’s had the pleasure of working with Australia’s most beautiful women like Miranda Kerr, Jessica Gomes and Montana Cox, but now Paul Zahra has quit his role as David Jones’ Chief Executive.

It was a timing thing, to say the least, following the $2.2 billion takeover of Australia’s oldest department store by Woolworths South Africa. Paul also got to hang around just long enough to celebrate the Spring 2014 fashion launch only a couple of weeks ago.

In a good-guy move, Paul isn’t moving on for another three months, making sure it’s a smooth transition for his replacement. The man next in line for the throne? Ian Nairn, chief executive of Country Road (which is also owned by Woolworths), will take on the role, along with colleague and Country Road chief operating officer David Thomas, who will be David Jones’ new chief operating officer.