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New App GLAMSQUAD Lets You Book Hair and Makeup Sessions in Your Home

Image: GlamSquad

Image: GlamSquad

The thought of having your own personal makeup artist and hairstylist come to your house to help you get glam before a night out is one almost every girl has had at some point. But what was once thought to be a luxury reserved only for the very rich or people with cosmetologist BFFs, will now become a reality for regular gals like you and me. Gilt Groupe Co-Founder Alexandra Wilkis Wilson has launched a new app, GLAMSQUAD, which will allow women to schedule hair and makeup appointments in the comfort of their homes or offices.

Yup, you can basically hire your own beautifying team without leaving your bedroom. No more waiting for a blowout at the salon or having to trek all the way to your nearest department store to get your makeup done. Now, with a couple taps, you can get a hairstylist or makeup artist to your house. Makeup sessions start at $75, and hair will set you back at least $50.

The app is pretty straightforward. It offers a selection of hairstyles, from a blowout to milkmaid braids, as well as seven makeup looks. Good luck getting your hair did if you’ve got kinky hair, however, because all the looks, save for one under the “our styles” section of the app, are for women with straight hair, or at least hair that can be straightened without the help of chemical relaxers. Granted, GLAMSQUAD is only just launching, so we have faith that as it secures more money and builds a clientele, the app will offer more options for women of all hair textures, no matter if they’re looking for someone to do a Dominican blowout or a simple twist-out. Also, how cool would it be if there were stylists who did box braids and Senegalese twists?

GLAMSQUAD is currently available in New York City with plans to expand to Los Angeles.

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