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8 David Bowie Costumes We Want to See in the Upcoming Australian Exhibition

It’s happening. David Bowie, or Ziggy Stardust if you will, is coming to Australia in exhibition form. Taking place in Melbourne next year from July to November, David Bowie Is will showcase photos, letters, records and books from the Thin White Duke’s 50-year career, but we’re most excited about the 60 costumes said to be included in the hi-tech show.

We can’t be certain which of his ever-stylish, always radical getups will make it to Australian turf, but we’re hoping the memorable fashion moments below will make the cut. Scroll through to make the 11-month wait a little harder, and celebrate the man who broke all the fashion rules.

Putting all onesies to shame, David whipped out this striped bad boy designed by Kansai Yamamoto for the 1973 Aladdin Sane tour.

David and Alexander McQueen make for one heck of a fabulous fusion. David’s Union Jack coat for the cover of his 1997 album, Earthling, is proof of that.

In a leotard like no other, David rocked the asymmetrical look with clashing patterns and matching bangles. He even slipped in an on-trend nipple, sending all his devoted fans (namely those wanting his babies) a little crazy.

David was onto the dramatic shoulder trend well before its peak in the 80s. No one has been able to rock them quite like David since, or the red patent boots for that matter.

Designed by Freddie Burretti for the Ziggy Stardust tour, this quilted two-piece featuring gold, red and blue was a show-stopper. Even David’s band members joined the fashion fun, with outfits which completed the colourway without outshining the man.

Need we say anything? David looked totally chic in this silky white two-piece, including wide-leg pants and a printed blazer. Attention must be paid to the shoes — so high David had to lean on air just to stand upright.

Leg warmers, arm warmers and a high-neck piece all in Aztec print was the perfect wardrobe choice to complement his flaming-orange mullet.

We’ve never met such a fabulous goblin king in our life. In his role in the 1986 film Labyrinth, we saw David in ruffles, a sequined jacket, fur, knee-high leather boots and artistic makeup. Let’s not forget those grey manhood-revealing tights he wore during “Magic Dance,” either.