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The New Spring App Makes Mobile Shopping a Little TOO Easy

Image: Spring App

Image: Spring App

The digital shopping landscape got a whole lot more dangerous for everyone out there this morning thanks to Spring. Think of it as a shoppable version of Instagram, except actually buying stuff is almost too easy. 

The premise is simple. Spring offers a selection of designers for you to “follow” on the app. Brands will post new products every day and as you scroll through, you can like, share and, of course, purchase what you see with just a few taps of your finger. You can choose to peruse the feed for the latest items, or you can search by category for what you’re looking for. Women’s and men’s apparel and accessories are available as well as lifestyle and beauty products. 

What’s so unique about this app is the presentation. While other shopping programs will just show you product images, Spring offers a combination of product as well as lookbook and lifestyle images to scroll through as you browse inventory. The variety definitely makes for a more pleasant and less clinical shopping experience than other platforms. You can shop everything from high-end to high-street as well as items exclusive to the app. Spring will also tell you if an item is running low in stock. 

Naturally, we had to try the app for ourselves — for, uh, “scientific” purposes. We don’t know whether to jump for joy or cry because our wallets are about to get seriously ravaged. It is dangerously easy to shop on this app. Just enter your payment information once (or three times, in my case, because I kept writing my own address incorrectly), take a photo of your credit card (if it’s your first purchase with that card) and swipe right. That’s it.

Imagine getting a little tipsy after a work event and standing on a subway platform browsing through Spring. Yeah, the results could be possibly lethal to your credit card. I couldn’t help but purchase something because it was so simple. Believe me when I say I used a ton of restraint, since I only spent $15 on a T-shirt from Everlane. Next time, I wager the purchase will be much bigger.

But what if you accidentally swipe right on something you didn’t mean to purchase? If you check the order details on the items, you can tap the support button and either call or email a representative that will cancel the order for you. It works pretty quickly. I nearly spent another $65 on a backpack I would likely not have used very often. A rep from Everlane promptly got in touch with me after almost immediately cancelling my order. 

Spring is currently only available for iPhone (download at your own risk), but there are plans to release a version for Android and iPad. 

Have you used the app yet? Let us know your thoughts in the comments!