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Nikki Phillips Posts Sexy Video for KUKU

Nikki Phillips is a babe. We don’t need a short video clip to tell us that. But the model and fashion blogger has gone ahead and reminded us just how smokin’ she is by posting a sexy video to her Instagram for Sydney-based fashion label KUKU.

The blink-and-you’ll-miss-it clip was directed by Alex Goddard, who has worked with big-name models like Ollie Henderson and recently put together Alice McCall‘s Fall 2014 shoot. It sees Nikki lounging around in bed before sifting through a wardrobe in her underwear, and the remainder of the video is pretty much a bunch of sultry and provocative stares.

Considering KUKU is a brand dedicated to selling drop-dead-gorgeous dresses, we really don’t see a whole lot of clothing in the clip. Go on, watch it for yourself below.