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Lauren Bacall Fashion Exhibit to Open at The Museum at FIT

Image: Moviepix/Getty Images

Image: Moviepix/Getty Images

Just a week after her death, The Museum at FIT announced plans for an exhibit on Lauren Bacall, focusing on her inimitable style. Next spring, the museum will showcase the star’s iconic fashion, thanks to the 700 or so looks she donated to FIT while she was alive. Noted for blending practical, masculine pieces with more glamorous, feminine items, Bacall’s style proved to be timeless and still relevant to fashion today. No doubt this show will be an illustration of that fact.

Lauren reportedly only agreed to do the project if the exhibit was managed tastefully, “as long as it’s high-quality — Diana Vreeland style,” Valerie Steele, museum director, told The Hollywood Reporter.

The exhibit plans to focus on the late actress’ outfits from the 50s and the 60s, particularly those crafted by five specific designers, one being the father of American high fashion, Norman Norell, a friend of the late actress. You’ll also find pieces from Yves Saint Laurent, Ungaro, Pierre Cardin and Marc Bohan for Christian Dior

We don’t know when the show will launch, but we will be keeping our ears open for a date. 

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