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Sportsgirl Sales Figures Increase Despite Angora Fur Debacle

Back in June, Sportsgirl made a huge boo-boo. Customers, as well as PETA, caught onto the fact that the Aussie retailer was making products with fur from angora rabbits (which are generally tortured to get the fur) and virtually bashed Sportsgirl’s Facebook page. People were claiming they’d never shop there again, and the store looked like it was headed for the worst.

Apparently not. Sportsgirl is killing it, so to speak, with its sales figures. As reported by Ragtrader, Sportsgirl CEO Colleen Callander could be crowned CEO of the Year by The CEO Magazine November 27. She has been recognised for implementing a new sourcing strategy, which has upped the first margin by five percentage points. We imagine it wasn’t the sourcing of fur that she’s being recognised for. 

It appears there has also been a double-digit sales increase, despite the online uproar. Maybe not enough people know about the horrific torture angora rabbits endure when they have their fur ripped out from their bodies or maybe they don’t even know that Sportsgirl uses the fur in select products. Maybe the removal of the offending products in October with the seasonal changeover solved everyone’s woes?