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Where Is Jourdan Dunn’s Solo British Vogue Cover?

The story doesn’t stop there.The day after The Guardian published the story, British Vogue Instagrammed an old shot of Jourdan from its December 2010 issue. The image, however, was met with numerous comments questioning the magazine as to why it still hasn’t cast Jourdan to appear on the cover by herself.

“The rhetoric here needs to be on what is fair. Jourdan deserves a cover based on merit alone,” commenter @mannyuk wrote. “In spite of the obvious challenges due to the existing racial discrimination in the industry, Jourdan’s work has been consistently solid for almost 9 years! Funny if you look at the two other models Jourdan was on the cover with in 2008 and Jourdan is the last one standing… #jourdanforbritishvoguecover.”

In fact, the entire comment thread on the post is riddled with #jourdanforbritishvogue. Echoing mannyuk’s sentiments was @Littlejaaay who posted, “a mainstream model that millions can recognise just by her face and yet y’all don’t want to give her a single Vogue cover? And a Miss Vogue cover is not good enough.”

Jourdan’s always been outspoken about the discrimination she’s faced in the industry, so naturally, she retweeted the article and a few other tweets in her support. But this morning, the topic of her lack of a solo Vogue cover came up again.

We’ll have to wait and see whether British Vogue decides to finally feature a black model on its cover by herself. We can’t think of anyone more deserving than Jourdan and at this point, the excuses are falling on deaf ears.

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